Infinifactory, Windows 10, and no sound?

Sad Infinifactory
Like 14 million other people I upgraded to Windows 10 the other day. By and large everything went smoothly, with the exception of Infinifactory which suddenly had no sound.

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Infinifactory: Come for the puzzles, stay for the histograms

Infinifactory Banner

Infinifactory is a fine, fine puzzler, an intimidating one. Thankfully, Zachtronic’s clever twist on scoring keeps me going back for more.
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Deathwing: the Space Hulk game we’ve been waiting for?

Deathwing Banner

Space Hulk, you would think, is exactly the kind of board game that would transfer really easily to a video game. And yet we’re constantly disappointed.

But so far, publishers Focus Home and developers Streum On Studio are pressing all the right buttons and saying all the right things with Deathwing. Read on for the latest announcement
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Through the Woods is through the woods

Though The Woods Kickstarted

…of Kickstarter. For a while it was touch and go but thanks in part to a pair of generous pledges in the last few days they pulled it off. Now we’ve just got to wait for the February delivery date.
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Tell me about the forest… Through The Woods on Kickstarter

Though The Woods Banner

I don’t know. You wait ages for a decent horror game and then two come along at once. Almost immediately after backing Perception I came across Through The Woods.

Openly calling back to the original Resident Evils and Silent Hills, will Through The Woods succeed in making us afraid of the forest again?
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Roll for Perception. Now terror.

Perception Banner

Perception, from The Deep End Games. Creepy house, check. Dark presence, check. Eldritch mysteries to be solved, check. Blind protagonist, ch- wait, what?

I think you’ll agree that blindness in a video game is quite trivial to do. No graphics, job done. Blindness in a video game that can actually be played, not so simple. But that’s what The Deep End Games, made up of Dead Space and BioShock veterans, are trying to do with Perception, and my it sounds good. It looks good too, which is quite some devilry in a game you play blind.
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Exanima: Second Impressions

Exanima Banner

When I first played the Exanima beta I wasn’t kind; first impressions were less than stellar and I was left feeling more than a little disappointed.

But now time has passed, the sun has shone and I’ve reflected on what I experienced. In the light of a new day all is not quite so bad as it first seemed.
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Exanima: First Impressions

Exanima Banner

As I mentioned yesterday Bare Mettle just announced their Sui Generis prelude on Greenlight. Kickstarter backers have access to early builds of Exanima, so I took a quick look.

What’s it like? I’ll charitably say ‘needs work’. For an alpha I wouldn’t be worried. For a beta it’s a cause for concern. For a beta of a prelude of the actual game that itself has no release date yet? Buggered if I know.
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Steam Generis: Exanima on Greenlight

Exanima Banner

Playable demos are so old-fashioned. Playable teasers seem to be the done thing these days, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Bare Mettle announced an entire prelude was being put on Greenlight, with a name that I am cursed to forever read, pronounce and spell wrong.
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Game music: Treasure Adventure World

Treasure Adventure World OST Banner
Treasure Adventure Games by Robit Studios is a charming and fun piece of work and readers will know that I’m a big fan of the game’s soundtrack and its composer.

Now the game is receiving an ambitious remake in the form of Treasure Adventure World with new design, artwork, animation and, of course, new music. The original soundtrack was a masterfully modern take on old-school gaming. So how does the reimagined version measure up?

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