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Through the Woods is through the woods

Though The Woods Kickstarted

…of Kickstarter. For a while it was touch and go but thanks in part to a pair of generous pledges in the last few days they pulled it off. Now we’ve just got to wait for the February delivery date.
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Tell me about the forest… Through The Woods on Kickstarter

Though The Woods Banner

I don’t know. You wait ages for a decent horror game and then two come along at once. Almost immediately after backing Perception I came across Through The Woods.

Openly calling back to the original Resident Evils and Silent Hills, will Through The Woods succeed in making us afraid of the forest again?
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Roll for Perception. Now terror.

Perception Banner

Perception, from The Deep End Games. Creepy house, check. Dark presence, check. Eldritch mysteries to be solved, check. Blind protagonist, ch- wait, what?

I think you’ll agree that blindness in a video game is quite trivial to do. No graphics, job done. Blindness in a video game that can actually be played, not so simple. But that’s what The Deep End Games, made up of Dead Space and BioShock veterans, are trying to do with Perception, and my it sounds good. It looks good too, which is quite some devilry in a game you play blind.
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A little less action, a little more conversation please: Unrest


When it comes to video games ARPG is more of a marketing term than a real subgenre. Let’s face it, how many RPGs can you name that don’t essentially rely on progression-through-murder? Even games that hang heavily on their stories are afraid that if you don’t get to climb to the top over a mountain of skulls then the player might lose interest and go play Halo or something. Which is why the recently kickstarted Unrest by Pyrodactyl Games is so refreshing.
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Mighty No. 9: You got… Dev Trailer

Mighty No 9 Banner

My exposure to Megaman was limited to a few minutes on a friend’s NES playing as Wood Man, while I was still to young to find the term “Wood Man” funny. So by that measure I’m not Mighty No. 9’s target audience; the wildly successful $4,000,000 Kickstarter was aimed squarely at fans of the original series and no surprise – half the team seem to have come straight from Megaman. They might not have been aiming at me but the charged up arm cannon that is the game’s hype has well and truly met the hitbox of my interest. The new dev trailer does nothing to lessen this…
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For your Kickstarting consideration: Universim

Universim Banner

Since Kickstarter kicked off I’ve only backed a few projects – Sparki, Sui Generis and the Heroes of Video Game Music album – and now I’m about to add another one to the list, and you should too.

Universim. Kickstart Universim.
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Dreamfall, The Kickstarted Journey

Dreamfall Chapters

How did I miss this? Ragnar Tørnquist has run a successful kickstarted campaign to make a new Dreamfall Game. Not only that, but it’s actually nearly ready for release. Zoë Castillo, yay!
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Robot uprising time


My Sparki arrived! Soon the fun will begin. I’ll probably run a series of articles on the basics of programming it and then maybe a couple more articles on some larger, in-depth projects.
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The Sparkis Are Coming!


Excitement! They’re coming! The robot uprising is at hand, and I’m planning on making sure our robot masters know who their friends are.

Kickstarter: Sparki funded

Sparki BlocksWith two weeks to go, Sparki has been successfully funded. In fact they’ve surpassed their initial goal by over $40,000 and climbing.

Congratulations to ArcBotics, I look forward to playing with anything and everything they deliver. Now we just have to wait and see if they make it to $100,000 for the Android app stretch goal.