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Tell me about the forest… Through The Woods on Kickstarter

Though The Woods Banner

I don’t know. You wait ages for a decent horror game and then two come along at once. Almost immediately after backing Perception I came across Through The Woods.

Openly calling back to the original Resident Evils and Silent Hills, will Through The Woods succeed in making us afraid of the forest again?
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White Night: A survival horror game that’s actually survival horror?

White Night

From the description alone White Night is either going to be wonderful or disappointing:

White Night is a third person adventure game that combines puzzle and survival horror elements while taking its inspiration from the cult game Alone in the Dark 1.

Lots of games have advertised themselves along those lines and lots of games utterly fail to live up to their own vision. “Survival horror” usually means “action horror” and “inspired by Alone in the Dark” usually means “third-person shotgun-fest”. But OSome Studio look like they might actually be able to follow through on their ambitions.
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A weekend of gaming

DieLast weekend was a long one, followed by a bank holiday, so we had friends over. The sun was hellishly gloriously hot, so we did what any right-thinking people would do. Play board games with a general Cthulhu theme. In the spirit of sharing, here are some thoughts…
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