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Thirty minutes of itching… A Flower from Hermes

Another week, another randomly chosen game from the firehose. This time around it’s A Flower from Hermes. So, after half an hour, how was it?
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Thirty minutes of itching… EverHunter

So, here it is. The first game I picked from the “new, free Windows games” page from… EverHunter. It’s a 2D rogue-like platformer that uses what I can only describe as twin-stick-shooter-but-keyboard controls.

So how was it?
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Android Review: Lumena

Lumena Banner

A while ago I got a sneak preview of the Lumena soundtrack which left me eager for the game to be released. Well now it’s out, is the game as good as its music? Absolutely. But good is the wrong word. Evil, maybe. Cruel. Vicious. Hypnotic.
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OTTTD: Going over the top with Over the Top Tower Defense

Over the Top Tower Defense

Another day, another mobile tower defence game. Today’s is SMG Studio’s Over the Top Tower Defense (OTTTD for those who like their acronyms unpronounceable), just released for Android and iOS. But does the TD du jour stand out from the crowd? Actually it does.
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Android Review: Avoid – Sensory Overload

Avoid Header

Apparently I’m in a mood for colourful, geometric infinite runners at the moment, and after yesterday’s review of Spheroid Cyclone I’m going to follow it up with Avoid – Sensory Overload, which I can only describe as falling down a psychedelic well made of insane. Fun, in other words, lots of it.
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Android Review: Spheroid Cyclone

Spheroid Cyclone

Super Hexagon. There, I said it. Since Terry Cavanagh’s dark thumb mangler you can’t make a geometry-based infinite runner without the comparison, regardless of what might have come before. But I can at least qualify it somewhat. Super Hexagon in 3D. Does adding an extra dimension add to the fun? We’ll see.
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Might and Magic X: Legacy

Might and Magic X

Having played a little of Might and Magic X: Legacy I think I can sum it up with three little facts.
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Having fun in a hospital with Lords of War

LoW - Orc Warhog ThumbnailThe advantage of having to spend several days in hospital with nothing to do but wait for things to happen is that you get a chance to actually play some of those games that have been gathering dust in the cupboard since the last Dragonmeet. We played a lot of Fluxx and some Convoluted, but mostly we played Lords of War by Black Box Games
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Let’s Enthuse About: The Journey Down

Journey Down LogoThe best part about being laid out for several days with a respiratory tract infection is the chance to catch up some games you’ve been meaning to play for ages. And so it was that earlier this week I got to lay back with the iPad and play SkyGoblin’s The Journey Down. And now I’m going to enthuse about it.
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Got hypertrousers?

Gunpoint Thumbnail“Achievement unlocked: shot another man again”. In an age of dudebro manshooters, it might be easy to unthinkingly dismiss Gunpoint as just another in an endless parade of grey shooters, maybe blue and orange if the art director felt like the gun designers were having all the fun. It’s even got gun in the bloody title. That would be a mistake though, because you’d miss out on the hypertrousers.
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