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Steam Generis: Exanima on Greenlight

Exanima Banner

Playable demos are so old-fashioned. Playable teasers seem to be the done thing these days, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Bare Mettle announced an entire prelude was being put on Greenlight, with a name that I am cursed to forever read, pronounce and spell wrong.
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When Trine met Lemmings

Life Goes On

“Trine meets Lemmings.” That’s the best way I can describe Life Goes On, but it feels cheap to make the comparison. Sure it involves a procession of poor characters mostly doomed to die for the good of the others, and the art style and gameplay is very much reminiscent of Trine’s, but Life Goes On is very much its own game.

The central hook is simple and beautiful – when you die in this platformer your corpse persists, becoming part of the scenery. The knights who came before you gave their lives to make a path across spikes, use their dead weight to hold down a switch or be a barrier to block the way.

The game is out soon on Steam but there’s already a demo available. Go play.
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Might and Magic X: Legacy

Might and Magic X

Having played a little of Might and Magic X: Legacy I think I can sum it up with three little facts.
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So that was 2013

2013 LogoComing in to 2013 it didn’t seem like the most promising year for gaming, but looking back it’s been a whole lot of fun and the future is looking rosy. Since this is a gaming blog, such as it is, I’m obliged to do a post looking back at the year gone by. This is a tradition or an old charter, or something.
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Game music: Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2 ThumbnailThe music to a Warhammer 40K experience. What’s to say? I might as well just write “music to write war to” and call it a day. Dawn of War 2. Much war ensues and the soundtrack is suitably chanty and loud.
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