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Thirty minutes of itching… EverHunter

So, here it is. The first game I picked from the “new, free Windows games” page from itch.io… EverHunter. It’s a 2D rogue-like platformer that uses what I can only describe as twin-stick-shooter-but-keyboard controls.

So how was it?
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When Trine met Lemmings

Life Goes On

“Trine meets Lemmings.” That’s the best way I can describe Life Goes On, but it feels cheap to make the comparison. Sure it involves a procession of poor characters mostly doomed to die for the good of the others, and the art style and gameplay is very much reminiscent of Trine’s, but Life Goes On is very much its own game.

The central hook is simple and beautiful – when you die in this platformer your corpse persists, becoming part of the scenery. The knights who came before you gave their lives to make a path across spikes, use their dead weight to hold down a switch or be a barrier to block the way.

The game is out soon on Steam but there’s already a demo available. Go play.
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