“Can’t sing, can’t dance, can handle a sword a little.”

So who are you?
My name is Andy, I’m living in fair old London, and in no particular order I’m a:

  • Software developer, fencer (lapsed), researcher (former), gamer (computer, console, roleplaying, board), addict (Jelly Babies, sushi, coffee), parent, husband and video game music enthusiast obsessive.

And what’s this site about?
Mostly I write about stuff that interests me (see above). There’s no set theme, but the majority of the posts are about video games and their music, so I guess you could say this site is a video game and music blog.

Why “Magical Adventures in Pixieland”?
Why not?

It’s not magical, it’s not an adventure and I don’t see any pixies.
Fair point. I still like the name.

Written anything of note?
My six-part “A Personal History of Video Game Music” was a blast to write, not to mention educational.  It also went down pretty well – mentions on Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamasutra and Critical Distance, not to mention very positive tweets and feedback from some of my favourite composers.  So that I guess.

What is the airspeed velocity of-

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