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Android Review: Lumena

Lumena Banner

A while ago I got a sneak preview of the Lumena soundtrack which left me eager for the game to be released. Well now it’s out, is the game as good as its music? Absolutely. But good is the wrong word. Evil, maybe. Cruel. Vicious. Hypnotic.
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Well done America: APIs are copyrightable now

Oracle Headquarters

Back in 2012 after a six-week trial of critical importance, Google won a decisive victory over Oracle concerning the rights to use the Java APIs. Now that victory has been overturned by an appeals court in a ruling that is as misguided as it is dangerous.
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Finally – Office for Android and iOS free at least

Microsoft Office Logo

Being an armchair corporate strategist is easy, but just occasionally a company does something that has people saying “What took you so long?” Today the company is Microsoft, the reason is “new CEO Satya Nadella has new vision for company” and the decision is “dump the subscription fee and make Office for Android and iOS free”. That’s right, from now you can view and edit office documents natively on your phone or tablet.
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Android Review: Avoid – Sensory Overload

Avoid Header

Apparently I’m in a mood for colourful, geometric infinite runners at the moment, and after yesterday’s review of Spheroid Cyclone I’m going to follow it up with Avoid – Sensory Overload, which I can only describe as falling down a psychedelic well made of insane. Fun, in other words, lots of it.
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Android Review: Spheroid Cyclone

Spheroid Cyclone

Super Hexagon. There, I said it. Since Terry Cavanagh’s dark thumb mangler you can’t make a geometry-based infinite runner without the comparison, regardless of what might have come before. But I can at least qualify it somewhat. Super Hexagon in 3D. Does adding an extra dimension add to the fun? We’ll see.
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To kill a licence: Tekken Arena (Android)

Tekken Arena ThumbnailLet’s face it: fighting games have no place on mobile devices. Just ask Street Fighter with its pitiful four stars, or SoulCalibur languishing at four and a half stars. Or in the Android world, how about Punch Hero, whose install base is a measured in mere millions? Thankfully, Namco Bandai are here with Tekken Arena to show these fools how a mobile fighting game should be done.
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Game music: Globulous

Globulous OST CoverOK, it’s been over a month since I posted a game soundtrack that was even remotely chiptuney, so let’s ease our way back in gently with something a little more on the electronic side of things… the lovely Globulous.
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Kickstarter: Sparki funded

Sparki BlocksWith two weeks to go, Sparki has been successfully funded. In fact they’ve surpassed their initial goal by over $40,000 and climbing.

Congratulations to ArcBotics, I look forward to playing with anything and everything they deliver. Now we just have to wait and see if they make it to $100,000 for the Android app stretch goal.

WordPress and Android

Ooh, the Android WordPress app is really quite slick.

Upshot the first: more content, possibly.
Upshot the second: autocorrect-inspired gibberish, most certainly.
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