Game music: Globulous

Globulous OST CoverOK, it’s been over a month since I posted a game soundtrack that was even remotely chiptuney, so let’s ease our way back in gently with something a little more on the electronic side of things… the lovely Globulous.

Like rats in London, you’re never more than a few feet from a Tetris clone or variant. Some of them are brilliant, some boring copies, some are interesting experiments and many are just failures. Globulous is one of the few games to add a 3D element to the mix and actually pull it off. Available for iOS and Android this part-Tetris, part destroyer-of-blocks, part ball spinner is good fun but punches far above its weight on the soundtrack front. The beautiful score is composed by the highly talented pairing of zircon and Jeff Ball.

The whole album is smoothly melodic and calming, a necessity for such a tricky and thoughful game. The opening track “Dawn Oblique” for example, or the more electronic “Rain Node”, before hitting a truly high point near the end with my favourite track “Thicket Prism”.

They say it best:

Our inspirations for this soundtrack were really varied, ranging from the soft ambience of Machinarium’s score, the electro-acoustic fusion of Bastion, and the retro flavor of NES-era chiptunes and basic synths. Creating a cohesive style took experimentation; we played off of each other’s techniques and compositional styles.

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