To kill a licence: Tekken Arena (Android)

Tekken Arena ThumbnailLet’s face it: fighting games have no place on mobile devices. Just ask Street Fighter with its pitiful four stars, or SoulCalibur languishing at four and a half stars. Or in the Android world, how about Punch Hero, whose install base is a measured in mere millions? Thankfully, Namco Bandai are here with Tekken Arena to show these fools how a mobile fighting game should be done.

Super Awesome Tekken Features

The First Social Strategy RPG Featuring Tekken!

I could end the article right there really. Tekken has finally reached its zenith. Clearly all of that high-octane, fast-paced 3D fighting with rock-solid mechanics, deep gameplay that rewarded skill and practice was just getting in the way of Tekken’s true calling: text, static graphics and gameplay that consists of two buttons, both of which are actually optional. Now that’s purity of form.

I’ll pass you over to Android Police who give the game the love it deserves.

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