Game music: Braid

Braid OST CoverSometimes a puzzle game isn’t just difficult, it’s so neuron-wrenchingly frustrating that it needs a flawlessly written soothing score just to keep you from using your controller as a blunt instrument. Braid, obviously.

Braid was the first game I ever bought for my Xbox 360 – five years ago now, a figure that never fails to surprise me. Beautiful visuals, wonderful style, ingenious (if evil) puzzles, intuitive gameplay and the aforementioned soundtrack more than made up for the… no, the story rant is for another post when I’m already in a bad mood. Braid looked and sounded gorgeous, let’s leave it at that. And I’ll admit that the twist at the end was surprising, thought-provoking and genuinely clever.

Braid also wins the award for soundtrack I’ve listened to most in reverse.

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