Through the Woods is through the woods

Though The Woods Kickstarted

…of Kickstarter. For a while it was touch and go but thanks in part to a pair of generous pledges in the last few days they pulled it off. Now we’ve just got to wait for the February delivery date.

With under two days to go they’re moving onto stretch goals, which happily are devoted to adding to the lore of the game’s world.

Through the Woods: Loremaster Stretch Goal

First up (and already met) is “Loremaster”, which adds a whole heap of Lore to the game:

This can be in the form or journals and parchments you will find strewn around the environment and in huts, revealing more of the back story of what happened on the island, how the mysterious Old Erik came to be a kidnapper and why. A lot of these will be found off the beaten path, giving you more reasons to stray deeper into the forest and to explore the woods.

We will also be able to create more art and carvings rooted in Norse mythology, and translatable ancient Nordic runes that you will come across during your journey through the forest, which will help to enrichen your entire experience of Through the Woods.

Through the Woods: Whispers Stretch Goal

Next up (and at the time of writing under $2,000 away) is “Whispers”:

This Stretch Goal will allow us to produce all the written lore found in the game with full voice acting recorded by professional actors. We will also be able to have our sound designer create original music for each story, complete with accompanying sound design that will help tell the story you are listening to.

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