Deathwing: the Space Hulk game we’ve been waiting for?

Deathwing Banner

Space Hulk, you would think, is exactly the kind of board game that would transfer really easily to a video game. And yet we’re constantly disappointed.

But so far, publishers Focus Home and developers Streum On Studio are pressing all the right buttons and saying all the right things with Deathwing. Read on for the latest announcement

Two things make me hopeful… firstly, the fact that they’re getting Black Library author Gav Thorpe to work on the narrative is welcome news. Second, it features both single-player and co-op modes. More worrying is the FPS focus, requiring “savvy hand-eye coordination” – the very core, the besieged soul of Space Hulk is in its considered tactical gameplay. Decisions based on incomplete information are what make Space Hulk Space Hulk, not your ability to twitch-fire your bolter.

We’ll learn more at E3 this summer, and the release date is set for 2016 on PC and consoles. In the meantime praise the Emperor and gaze upon the full-size screenshots.

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