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Should I be excited by a Doom 4 teaser? Probably not, but I am anyway


id Software is barely recognisable from the team that made the original Doom, but given how badly they’ve fared with their last few games maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, the teaser trailer they’ve put out for Doom 4 – or DOOM as they’re calling it – tells us little. Darkness! Mars! A demon! Poor weather conditions!

Teaser below…
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Mighty No. 9: You got… Dev Trailer

Mighty No 9 Banner

My exposure to Megaman was limited to a few minutes on a friend’s NES playing as Wood Man, while I was still to young to find the term “Wood Man” funny. So by that measure I’m not Mighty No. 9’s target audience; the wildly successful $4,000,000 Kickstarter was aimed squarely at fans of the original series and no surprise – half the team seem to have come straight from Megaman. They might not have been aiming at me but the charged up arm cannon that is the game’s hype has well and truly met the hitbox of my interest. The new dev trailer does nothing to lessen this…
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You Died: DarkMaus

DarkMaus Header

Sometimes all it takes to interest you in a game is a single image or video. Sometimes all it takes is a title or a name. And sometimes all it takes is a one-line description.
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Sir, you are about to be more hunted

Big Robot - The Landowner

Big Robot are teasing something new in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Speculation is rife on the forums… What will the Landowner do? How will he attack? One thing everyone can agree on though – the way he moves and the way he sounds are both deeply creepy.

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Kinect + Genius = Fru


The best games always start with the simplest mechanics or concept – Lemmings walk, blocks fall, a gun that shoots portals – and build up from that, using level design to let the core mechanics shine.

Kinect, as a gaming device, has been waiting years for something to really make you think “hey, this is awesome”. Sure, there have been popular sports, fitness and dancing games but they’ve never shown that spark of genius. In fact, where AAA studios have failed it’s taken a little team of fewer than ten people a mere two days to succeed.
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An Alien game actually worth looking forward to?

Alien LogoBack in 2011 Creative Assembly announced a new Alien game. Not Aliens, but Alien, immediately raising hopes of a game of fear and tension rather than guns and explosions. Then all contact was lost.
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