Should I be excited by a Doom 4 teaser? Probably not, but I am anyway


id Software is barely recognisable from the team that made the original Doom, but given how badly they’ve fared with their last few games maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, the teaser trailer they’ve put out for Doom 4 – or DOOM as they’re calling it – tells us little. Darkness! Mars! A demon! Poor weather conditions!

Teaser below…

On the one hand, the video could have been made measurably better simply by removing the voiceover. Honestly. It adds nothing and the “gone to hell” pun just ruins it. On the other hand… the Doom door sound! THE GAME MUST BE MINE!

Oh, and a Cyberdemon.

Keep an eye on QuakeCon where there’ll be more news with any luck. July 17-20.

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