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Should I be excited by a Doom 4 teaser? Probably not, but I am anyway


id Software is barely recognisable from the team that made the original Doom, but given how badly they’ve fared with their last few games maybe that’s a good thing. Regardless, the teaser trailer they’ve put out for Doom 4 – or DOOM as they’re calling it – tells us little. Darkness! Mars! A demon! Poor weather conditions!

Teaser below…
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A personal history of game music: Part 4 – A Time of Transition

Mario Sheet Music

Early PC games were packed with great soundtracks and technological developments, but the real advances were still to come. With sound cards and CD-ROMs becoming more mainstream the technical and artistic horizons of composers broadened considerably. Soon full orchestral scores would be the norm, but before then, technology was still catching up. The 90s then, were a period of transition bridging the MIDI age with what we know today.
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