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Game music: Quake III Arena

Quake 3 Arena OST CoverHaving already posted music from Doom and Unreal it would be rude to go a full year without adding the Quake series to the rolls. Some might go for Trent Reznor’s score for the original Quake, a celebration of rocky goth angst, but personally I prefer the more futuristic tone of Quake III Arena.
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A personal history of game music: Part 4 – A Time of Transition

Mario Sheet Music

Early PC games were packed with great soundtracks and technological developments, but the real advances were still to come. With sound cards and CD-ROMs becoming more mainstream the technical and artistic horizons of composers broadened considerably. Soon full orchestral scores would be the norm, but before then, technology was still catching up. The 90s then, were a period of transition bridging the MIDI age with what we know today.
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