Game music: Quake III Arena

Quake 3 Arena OST CoverHaving already posted music from Doom and Unreal it would be rude to go a full year without adding the Quake series to the rolls. Some might go for Trent Reznor’s score for the original Quake, a celebration of rocky goth angst, but personally I prefer the more futuristic tone of Quake III Arena.

I confess, I was more of a Doom, Unreal and Duke fan, and never really got into Quake. I did play a lot of cooperative Quake 3 with friends at uni, becoming moderately proficient at one map while remaining a bullet sink in all the others. So while not a complete stranger to Quake, I never really listened to the music – we’d either have some music of our own on in the background or we’d be playing in pretentiously intent silence.

Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly have made a soundtrack which is a definite product of its time and there’s really no mistaking the era. Still, wonderful music for rocket-jumping to.

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