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Wallpapers for you Sir

Sir, You Are Being Hunted

The talented and presumably human Christian Anderson has created a series of wallpapers for Big Robot’s Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Despite the frailties of his mortal, organic frame Master Anderson’s works are both sinister and delightful. Just like the game.

Sir, you are about to be more hunted

Big Robot - The Landowner

Big Robot are teasing something new in Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Speculation is rife on the forums… What will the Landowner do? How will he attack? One thing everyone can agree on though – the way he moves and the way he sounds are both deeply creepy.

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Things to look forward to

TAW LogoWoolly Pootle. Bishops Twiddle. Just a couple of the things that made me giggle this week. But more than that, it’s part of something I’m really looking forward to. Silly names, hats and robots, there’s a good few games worth keeping an eye on in the near future, with nary an oozing AAA label in sight. Here’s a quick rundown of three upcoming games you should be excited about.
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