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Game music: Treasure Adventure World

Treasure Adventure World OST Banner
Treasure Adventure Games by Robit Studios is a charming and fun piece of work and readers will know that I’m a big fan of the game’s soundtrack and its composer.

Now the game is receiving an ambitious remake in the form of Treasure Adventure World with new design, artwork, animation and, of course, new music. The original soundtrack was a masterfully modern take on old-school gaming. So how does the reimagined version measure up?

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The Little Adventure World That Could


In a demonstration that the world is a good and kind place full of nice people Treasure Adventure World just hit their $10K pre-order goal. Congratulations to the team and thank you to everyone who’s helped support the game.
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Treasure Adventure Music: An interview with Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis Interview ThumbnailA bit of a change this week. I discussed Treasure Adventure Game a little while back in the last part of my game music history series, and this week the soundtrack gets a well-deserved post all to itself. But more importantly Robert Ellis, the composer, kindly agreed to an interview about Treasure Adventure Game, the upcoming Treasure Adventure World and video game music in general.
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Things to look forward to

TAW LogoWoolly Pootle. Bishops Twiddle. Just a couple of the things that made me giggle this week. But more than that, it’s part of something I’m really looking forward to. Silly names, hats and robots, there’s a good few games worth keeping an eye on in the near future, with nary an oozing AAA label in sight. Here’s a quick rundown of three upcoming games you should be excited about.
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A personal history of game music: Part 6 – A New Generation

Mario Sheet Music

Advances in audio technology and the hardware to drive it powered the latest evolution of soundtracks early in the early years of the new millennium. High fidelity, CD-quality, studio-recorded, surround sound music became the norm and the line between gaming and cinema grew ever more blurred. But as we know, the old-school never really dies…
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