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TAW LogoWoolly Pootle. Bishops Twiddle. Just a couple of the things that made me giggle this week. But more than that, it’s part of something I’m really looking forward to. Silly names, hats and robots, there’s a good few games worth keeping an eye on in the near future, with nary an oozing AAA label in sight. Here’s a quick rundown of three upcoming games you should be excited about.

Treasure Adventure World

TAW Game

I’ve already talked about Treasure Adventure Game by Robit Studios – both the game and the soundtrack are charming works of nostalgia. Now there’s a remake – more a reimagining really – in the works called Treasure Adventure World. Very interested in seeing what Robit studios finally come out with. If you preorder it you can get access to a private developer blog with previews of the updated gameplay, art and music. Well worth the cost, I promise you.

The developer (Stephen Orlando) and composer (Robert Ellis) are both friendly and highly engaged with the community to a degree that other developers and studios could do well to follow.

Sir, You are Being Hunted


Already in alpha, Sir, You are Being Hunted is looking like a lot of fun. I’m a big fan of procedurally generated content, of the British countryside, of robots and of stealth/survival games. I don’t have a button Sir isn’t pushing. Then you have wonderful little touches like the village name generator: “High Wriggleton”, “Little Rumpwich”, “Peaty Dangling” – and the word “Tweedpunk”. Want. Want rather a lot.

If that wasn’t enough to sell you on it, how about this headline:

Sir’s first-person trombone used in an offensive capacity.

Project Good Robot

Good Robot

Shamus Young of Twenty Sided has a history of interesting programming projects which always make for fascinating reading and never fail to give me a hankering to try some new project of my own. This time he’s working on a 2D shmup, codename Project Good Robot. Midway through the dev blog he announced that he may actually take this one through to its conclusion and put it up for sale as a finished product. I truly hope so, it looks gorgeous.

It’s perhaps too much to hope for, but it’s the kind of game crying out for an editor so we can create our own enemies. A pipe dream probably, and not even remotely a dealbreaker. I really want to give this game a poke.

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