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So that was 2014


2014 rose from the ashes of 2013, went careening all the way around the sun, and is about to hand the baton over to 2015 before dying of exhaustion. So what did that trip around the solar system achieve in the world of games?
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Little dots of fear: Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation - Motion Scanner

As more details about Alien Isolation come skittering out of vents and leaping on our unsuspecting bodies I’ve gone from cynical to curious to cautiously optimistic, and now thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun’s hands-on I’m outright excited.
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The sound of Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation Banner - Audio

When you’re hiding in the dark what you can hear may just be the key to your survival

Al Hope there, creative lead of Creative Assembly, adroitly summing up the entirety of how you do sound design for a survival horror game. The more we learn about Alien: Isolation the more I look forward to it. The recently released video discussing the sound design for the upcoming game is ticking all the right boxes – a dynamic music engine, use of the original assets and processes, audio as an integral aspect of gameplay, and even some of the musicians from the first film.
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Getting hopeful: Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation Banner

Rock Paper Shotgun have posted a hands-on with Alien Isolation and after reading it I’ve gone from disillusioned fan to please-don’t disappoint-me-this-looks-so-good enthusiast.
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An Alien game actually worth looking forward to?

Alien LogoBack in 2011 Creative Assembly announced a new Alien game. Not Aliens, but Alien, immediately raising hopes of a game of fear and tension rather than guns and explosions. Then all contact was lost.
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