Kinect + Genius = Fru


The best games always start with the simplest mechanics or concept – Lemmings walk, blocks fall, a gun that shoots portals – and build up from that, using level design to let the core mechanics shine.

Kinect, as a gaming device, has been waiting years for something to really make you think “hey, this is awesome”. Sure, there have been popular sports, fitness and dancing games but they’ve never shown that spark of genius. In fact, where AAA studios have failed it’s taken a little team of fewer than ten people a mere two days to succeed.

Fru was developed in 48 hours for a recent 2014 Global Game Jam with the theme “We don’t see things as they are but as we are” and has probably the most innovative use of Kinect I’ve ever seen. It’s a two-world platformer where your body is the portal and… no, just watch. It’s infinitely better than it sounds:

If they can keep the imagination going for enough level to make a decent-length game this has the potential to be very, very exciting.

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