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Since Kickstarter kicked off I’ve only backed a few projects – Sparki, Sui Generis and the Heroes of Video Game Music album – and now I’m about to add another one to the list, and you should too.

Universim. Kickstart Universim.

“Oh look,” I hear you say with barely disguised disdain, “another god game. What rapture.” You might be right, but Universim seems to be pressing all the right buttons – a hands-off god directing the advancement of a world, not micro-managing things.

The ability to play as a god gives you unparalleled power, but unlike other god-games, you cannot interact directly with your population in the game. However, you can influence their decisions and change the way in which your civilization evolves. It is up to you to decide which technology path they follow and what kind of research they undertake-you have the power to shape their future. Instead of taking control of a static game world that awaits your every command, life will go on as you would expect. You are effectively taking control of a living simulation. Like a ball of clay on a potter’s wheel, the world will keep spinning, but you will be there to mould it to your liking. Although, the ball of clay may or may not slap your hand away at times.

And what a pretty ball of clay it is too:

They’re off to a good start too, reaching 15% of their target in just a few days. Look, their helpful infographic says so:

Universim Says Thank You

Obviously I’ll be going with the $30 tier, which includes the soundtrack because I’m a predictable obsessive easily manipulated by the promise of music. It’s a good thing more people don’t realise quite how weak-willed I am in that department really.

The only black mark I’d put against the game is the lack of a Smite button. If your god game doesn’t include a button labelled “Smite” that you can press to bring down instant and divine wrath on anyone and anything then you’re not really a god game at all. Even with that glaring oversight – and there’s still time to remedy it, perhaps as a stretch goal – this looks like a lot of fun and an interesting one to watch.

Some parting words to tempt you further:

The space era will be the culmination of all your hard work… This is when you will begin to discover all of the beauty and mercilessness of alien planets.

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