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Getting hopeful: Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation Banner

Rock Paper Shotgun have posted a hands-on with Alien Isolation and after reading it I’ve gone from disillusioned fan to please-don’t disappoint-me-this-looks-so-good enthusiast.
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Indie game music: Fire Chopper Inc

Fire Chopper Inc

The second response I got to my call for indie game music was from Nicholas Bogart for his game “Fire Chopper Inc“, an interesting looking 2D fire-fighting game.
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Indie game music: Lumena


I recently asked on Twitter if any indie game developers had any music they’d like reviewing or posting. The first response I got was from Elevate Entertainment regarding their upcoming game Lumena.
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Cadence: Brain-fizzing frustration has never been so tranquil

Cadence Banner

It’s Sunday so something relaxing is in order. Cadence from Made With Monster Love initially seemed to fit the bill perfectly, the demo’s tutorial easing you in with such calm and gradual assurance that it was a bit of a surprise when I realised I was playing a fiendishly clever puzzle game.
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Going Nowhere not fast enough


Nowhere is a place outside of… well… outside of everything. Or inside something. We don’t know.”

And with that introduction husband and wife team Duangle have forever endeared themselves to me as people and as developers. But they go on. “Strong social AI”. “First person experience”. “Procedural content”. “Emergent player-driven storytelling”. Let’s face it, with those phrases they may as well just have opened up the top of my head and pressed the “Want” button.
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Move over Serious Sam, Tower of Guns wants your seat

Tower of Guns

Back in the day Doom and Quake had a style of play that was totally incongruous with their creepy gothic/hellish (delete as appropriate) level design and atmospheres. No cautious advancing and room clearing for them, no sir. Movement was everything. If you wanted to survive, you never stopped moving. Since then FPSs have assumed a more deliberate pacing, and even more recent id games like Doom 3 are rather stately affairs. In general it’s been left to games like Painkiller and Serious Sam to hold the Bunny-hopping Torch of the Circle-Strafer. Until now…
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Dreamfall, The Kickstarted Journey

Dreamfall Chapters

How did I miss this? Ragnar Tørnquist has run a successful kickstarted campaign to make a new Dreamfall Game. Not only that, but it’s actually nearly ready for release. Zoë Castillo, yay!
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White Night: A survival horror game that’s actually survival horror?

White Night

From the description alone White Night is either going to be wonderful or disappointing:

White Night is a third person adventure game that combines puzzle and survival horror elements while taking its inspiration from the cult game Alone in the Dark 1.

Lots of games have advertised themselves along those lines and lots of games utterly fail to live up to their own vision. “Survival horror” usually means “action horror” and “inspired by Alone in the Dark” usually means “third-person shotgun-fest”. But OSome Studio look like they might actually be able to follow through on their ambitions.
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An Alien game actually worth looking forward to?

Alien LogoBack in 2011 Creative Assembly announced a new Alien game. Not Aliens, but Alien, immediately raising hopes of a game of fear and tension rather than guns and explosions. Then all contact was lost.
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Everquest Next: Massively Multiplayer Online Voxels?

Everquest Next ThumbnailRock Paper Shotgun just posted an article covering the first look at the upcoming Everquest Game, cunningly named Everquest Next. Unless Sony Online Entertainment have access to a cadre of wizards or time travellers many of the announced features will almost certainly not live up to the hype (Radiant AI, anyone?), but one in particular piqued my interest.
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