Indie game music: Fire Chopper Inc

Fire Chopper Inc

The second response I got to my call for indie game music was from Nicholas Bogart for his game “Fire Chopper Inc“, an interesting looking 2D fire-fighting game.

Helicopter pilot turned business owner you have purchased a helicopter and rented an office. Now it is time to make a fortune.

Despite the simple 2D graphics the game looks like it has potential for a lot of fun puzzle, strategy, resource-management and triage-based gameplay – the sort of game you could very easily get lost in.

So far he’s released one track, the ambient music for the time your character spends in the office. The music is done by Dire D Flows and suits the tone of the game very well. It’s a well-composed piece of music and neatly reflects the relaxation taking place in the down-time between missions.

More music will be coming as and when it’s available and I’ll happily revisit it to hear how the composer approaches the more action-oriented aspects of the game.

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