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Colonial-industrial-complex: Factorio

Factorio banner

It’s been a long time since a game came along that tickled the same neurons as Minecraft. And by “a long time” I mean “never”. Oh sure there are the great builders – the Sim Cities and the Civilizations of the world, but in terms of sheer mechanical, constructive gameplay, Minecraft stands alone, and since I haven’t even scratched the surface of redstone I suspect it will keep on giving.

But Factorio looks like it might just push many of the right buttons…
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Cadence: Brain-fizzing frustration has never been so tranquil

Cadence Banner

It’s Sunday so something relaxing is in order. Cadence from Made With Monster Love initially seemed to fit the bill perfectly, the demo’s tutorial easing you in with such calm and gradual assurance that it was a bit of a surprise when I realised I was playing a fiendishly clever puzzle game.
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Spaaaaaaace Waaaaaar!

Star Swarm

Holy mother of starfighters! Oxide have just released a demo/benchmark thing showing a stress test of their new Nitrous Engine. Thousands of ships, tens of thousands of weapons… Just… just watch, OK? It’s impressive for about 20 seconds, and then it goes crazy.
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