Going Nowhere not fast enough


Nowhere is a place outside of… well… outside of everything. Or inside something. We don’t know.”

And with that introduction husband and wife team Duangle have forever endeared themselves to me as people and as developers. But they go on. “Strong social AI”. “First person experience”. “Procedural content”. “Emergent player-driven storytelling”. Let’s face it, with those phrases they may as well just have opened up the top of my head and pressed the “Want” button.

Nowhere, or Now Here, looks… Well, it’s… OK, so it plays like… You… Just watch the trailers OK? It’s gorgeous, fascinating and different to pretty much anything. It’s like Sim Life and Spore got married and gave birth to some kind of messiah, one which spends its formative years on a number of mind-altering drugs. Just watch.

It’s up for pre-order-based funding and there’s a Greenlight page on Steam. Give them your human moneys. Please. PLEASE.

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