Game music: Mirror’s Edge

MIrrors Edge OST CoverWith a sequel on the way, and sounding disappointingly combat-centric, it’s worth looking back at the flawed gem that was Mirror’s Edge, from that brief period when EA actually had a go at releasing new and interesting games.

A game about free-running, favouring evasion and speed over combat and guns, starring a young woman who isn’t there for reasons of boobs or romance, a unique art direction and with a plot written by Rhianna Pratchett, Mirror’s Edge should have been amazing. As it was, it was merely fun for a while. But it should also have been just a first attempt, to be improved on in future games, not left to linger and then given a half-hearted attempt at a sequel that looks like it’s going in the wrong direction to get broader appeal. Bad EA, naughty.

But never fear, Magnus Birgersson’s soundtrack was brilliant, fast yet ethereal, a magical accompaniment to leaping over rooftops. The theme song and the remixes by Lisa Miskovsky only add to the greatness.

For a glimpse of what the game could be, and what the sequel should be, take a look at this speed run of the game. All speed, all evasion, no combat. There needs to be more of this sort of thing.

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