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Join the fight to save Zebes!

Barrett Biggers Banner

Wow… Via Dueling Analogs I’ve discovered the Etsy store of Barrett Biggers, who does some truly amazing artwork.

Fine art prints in my geek vintage and tradigital painting styles of famous games, anime, and films. Legend of Zelda, Miyazaki, Nintendo, Evangelion, Final Fantasy and so much more!

They aren’t wrong. The Metroid pictures are particularly wonderful, though the my personal favourite is probably the Dune poster.
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Game Music: Metroid Metal

Varia Suite OST CoverThis week’s soundtrack is actually an album and an EP composed of tracks taken from one of the longest-running franchises in video game history, “re-recorded and ‘redone a bit'” for live performance. Covering almost three decades of the Metroid series, it’s Metroid Metal.
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A personal history of game music: Part 2 – The NES

Mario Sheet Music

After the Spectrum came the NES (or Nintendo Entertainment System for those who really enjoy syllables), a revolution that brought gaming out of arcades and into the living room. With it came a generational leap in audio quality, a series of truly iconic soundtracks and, for the first time, composers who would go on to become infamous.
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Game design: spatially near, but temporally distant

MetroidI’ve been reading a lot recently about game design in the “early days” – the NES era.  In those days games were real games, difficulty curves could be like brick walls and tutorials simply didn’t exist as a game design concept.

This post explores one particular element that comes up – the notion of the “spatially near, but temporally distant” objectives.
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