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Quadtree Art

QuadtreeOracle Banner

I’ve always had an interest in computer generated imagery and art, even though I’ll be the first to admit I level a level of artistic skill roughly on par with underdeveloped slime-mould. Fractals, Lorenz Attractors, cellular automata, and so on. All fascinating.

So after seeing a few pictures generated using Quadtrees to approximate actual images, I thought I’d give it a shot.
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Join the fight to save Zebes!

Barrett Biggers Banner

Wow… Via Dueling Analogs I’ve discovered the Etsy store of Barrett Biggers, who does some truly amazing artwork.

Fine art prints in my geek vintage and tradigital painting styles of famous games, anime, and films. Legend of Zelda, Miyazaki, Nintendo, Evangelion, Final Fantasy and so much more!

They aren’t wrong. The Metroid pictures are particularly wonderful, though the my personal favourite is probably the Dune poster.
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Mike Puncekar: Game Illustrations

Shyguy by Mike Puncekar

In case you missed out last time his art did the rounds, here’s a second chance. Mike Puncekar does the most amazing illustrations of game characters, putting his own unique and wonderful spin on them. Go have a browse around.

» mpuncekar.blogspot.co.uk