London is the new Atlantis: Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea

I had a brief fling with Fallen London a while back but didn’t have the time to invest, which was a shame because the world, the style and the art all outstanding and gripping. Now Failbetter Games are back with a sequel, the dark and sinister Sunless Sea, which sees you exploring an underworld sea in your steamship. Lovecraftian monstrosities, dark secrets, madness, mistrust and fear. It’s an excuse to use the phrase “Chthonic horrors”, not something you get to say every day.

Thirty years ago, London was stolen, dragged underground. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Steamships ply the wild black zee, between the Iron Republic and the Elder Continent, between Khan’s Heart and the Dawn Machine…

Seeing… shapes… drifting along in your wake, half-seen in the darkness is disconcerting at best. Reading the log at the bottom just adds to the mood. “Something drifts face down.” Finding yourself in the middle of the sea with no land in sight and your single light cutting a pitiably narrow arc in the night, darkness closing in and hiding… everything. Anything. Yes, this is a game to play late at night, and to keep playing because the alternative is to let sleep have you.

Sunless Sea is an exploration and trading game for PC set in the rich, story-fueled universe of Fallen London. Take the helm of your customised steamship and set sail for the uncharted reaches of the Neath, where the map changes every time you play, and every officer in your crew has their own story…

It’s a game of survival and loneliness, where that light off your starboard bow might be a friendly port or the glowing teeth of a Lovecraftian monstrosity. Light and darkness are your greatest allies, but a stout set of cannon and a gunnery officer with a grudge will come in useful too.

Having been successfully Kickstarted Sunless Sea is looking at an Early Access release on 17th June; there’ll be a Humble Bundle version and Failbetter have their eyes on the Greenlight goodness too.

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