Game Music: Skyward Collapse

Skyward Collapse OST CoverAfter Dawn of War last week, let’s tone things back down a bit and listen to something altogether more relaxing. Introducing Skyward Collapse, a game putting you in the mystical shoes of a Creator with the power to destroy men and gods.

Free will… why did they have to get free will?

I’m looking forward to play Skyward Collapse. The core concept, that of flipping standard strategy wargaming on its head and tasking you with ensuring the survival of both sides in the face of bandits, natural disasters, politics, vegetarianism and good old fashioned tribal warfare, is wonderfully intriguing.

The soundtrack, composed by Pablo Vega (Shattered Haven, AI War, A Valley Without Wind) and Ted Hardin, is a gentle score lent weight and a solemn air by Hardin’s talent on the guitar.

I’m not going to write much on this one because Vega has already done it. He breaks down each track, describing the themes and influences that guided him along the way. All I’m going to say is that the first track, the main theme, is beautiful, and that beauty is only magnified once you understand the meaning behind it.

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