Game music: Pocket mine

Pocket Mine OST CoverWhat’s that you say? It’s been more than a couple of weeks since I posted anything by Big Giant Circles? For shame. Well then. here’s the latest game soundtrack he’s done – Pocket Mine.

Of course the game’s not actually been released at the time I’m writing this and thanks to the joy of a multi-month buffer, I’ve no idea if it will be out by the time you’re reading it. But who cares? It’s a wonderfully nostalgic piece of game music, harking back to the early days of the consoles. It’s so easy to listen to and imagine you’re back in front of a NES or a SNES. The opening bars of the first track somehow manage to remind me of more games than I can count. It goes on to define its own sound – Jimmy Hinson is too talented for that – but those first few seconds really do take you back…

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