Game music: Frozen Synapse

Frozen SynapseIn the grand tradition of spending more time with game music than I do with the games themselves, I present your ears with the gift of the Frozen Synapse soundtrack. Another game I have totally failed to play, a fact which shames me and haunts my dreams.

The whole album is atmospheric, drifting between haunting and uplifting, but there are two tracks in particular, Focus and Deeper that really get the blood going and the goosebumps up. Those two tracks alone have accompanied me while I write many an action scene, and the writing was better for it.

Irksomely, the soundtrack isn’t on Bandcamp so there’s no way to embed the full album in this post. Here then is a preview medley from the SoundCloud page of nervous_testpilot:

If you visit his SoundCloud page do have a listen to his remix of the Mirror’s Edge theme – we’ll revisit that game sometime soon but this will serve for now. To listen to the whole thing mosey on down to Grooveshark, then go and buy it.

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