Game music: Bastion

Bastion OST CoverAfter mentioning the VVVVVV soundtrack in a recent post I thought I might carry on inflicting my musical tastes on an imaginary readership.  So, in the first of a semi-regular feature on my favourite game video game soundtracks and general spamming of Bandcamp links, let’s kick off with… Bastion.

I’m not going to give you a bunch of in-depth, insightful commentary on the music and how it is a flawless accompaniment to the game (though it is). I’m no music critic, no subject matter expert, just a gamer who likes soundtracks.

From the opening “Get Used to it” spoken by the game’s narrator Logan Cunningham, whose iconic voice sounds like he’s lived on a diet of brandy, cigars and dark chocolate since birth, through “Brynn the Breaker” which manages to be moody and upbeat at the same time, or the cheerily mournful “Pale Watchers”, this is a soundtrack to play to, work to, relax to.

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