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Game music: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 OST CoverJust as the story, gameplay and overall tone evolves as the Mass Effect Trilogy progresses, so too does the music. Jack Wall reprises his role in Mass Effect 2, bringing us a soundtrack that – unlike the game – stands as a worthy successor to the first.
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Game Music: Mass Effect

Mass Effect OST CoverAfter introducing Jack Wall last week it would be insanity not to follow up with another of his scores, and perhaps my favourite game soundtrack of all time. Fitting, since it’s for one of the greatest games ever created. I am referring, of course, to Mass Effect.
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Game Music: Myst IV – Revelation

Myst 4 OST CoverSome days you just need music to plot by, a suitable accompaniment to the story you are writing. On those days, Jack Wall should always have a place on your playlist. His scores for Mass Effect 1 and 2 are a regular feature when I’m writing, but every now and then the plot calls for something a little more tribal. This week, Myst IV – Revelation.
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