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New images: The Happy Collection

I made the first wallpaper in this set, Endorphin, during my final exams back at university.  Having my desktop looking so happy helped me keep a sense of proportion about the whole thing.

Thumbnail of the image Endorphin


Shortly after I posted it I got a request from a friend, who was also doing exams,  who wanted a new version – it was great, she said, but needed more pink.  And so “Happy Smarties” was born:

Thumbnail for the image Happy Smarties

Happy Smarties

Shortly after that a different friend wanted yet another version, this time for his multi-monitor setup.  So here’s the extreme widescreen version:

Thumbnail for the image Sense of Perspective

Sense of Perspective

This set always amused me, but I’m still surprised at the amount of traffic they got on my old website.

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