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A whole bunch of HTML 5

HTML5 Canvas Banner

The last animation I posted was just a work in progress, halfway to something a little more complex. As promised, here’s the fruits of that work. I’ve put together a page of my little collection of animations.

Mostly this was an excuse to put up another of my HTML5 logos with the stolen XKCD people.

More fun with the HTML5 canvas

HTML5 canvas - not as confusing as prototypes

Oh go on then. Here’s another canvas animation. It’s pretty simplistic but so far it’s just a work in progress of something more fun. And after that, some thoughts on what comes next on a technical level.
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First steps in HTML 5 – Getting to grips with the canvas


Today I discovered r/loadingicon and promptly spent an unwise amount of my precious free time staring mesmerised at the screen. When I finally snapped out of it I finally resolved to actually sit down and learn how to use the HTML5 canvas element. I’m not claiming to have the arty chops of the people posting those icons, but it seemed like a really fun way of getting into the spirit of things.

And you know what? Basic canvas drawing with Javascript is easy. Really, really easy. An hour later I had something I’m going to call halfway fun to sit and stare at.
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