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How did this happen? As an XBox One owner I expected any interruption in the dearth of games to be heralded by, if not Titanfall levels of fanfare, at least something. But no, it was only when I went looking through the game store I came across Ubisoft’s Child of Light. Yes it’s had reviews, and no it didn’t slink onto the scene like a ninja, but at the same time when something as interesting, as pretty and as unique as Child of Light gets released I’d expect to hear a little more.

And it is pretty and unique. Exceptionally so. And the soundtrack, the soundtrack is beautiful. By the Canadian Béatrice Martin, under the guise of “Cœur de pirate”, the score is my favourite of the year so far, bar none. Much of it has echoes of Trine, which is an automatic plus, while some of the tracks have a haunting, mournful quality I haven’t heard since Metroid. Now there’s a pair of games you don’t always see in the same sentence, but that’s the kind of album this is.

In case Child of Light passed you by too, the trailer is embedded below. I’ve just picked up a copy of the game so expect me to post some meandering thoughts on it soon.

And for anyone wondering, I know I’ve finished my year but I always said I’d keep posting new soundtracks as and when I came across them, and this certainly qualifies. There are still a few existing soundtracks that never made it into the series, so expect to see them in the near future too. Wednesdays aren’t going completely dry in Pixieland…

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