Game in the Sunshine: Castle in the Darkness

Castle in the Darkness

Recently I’ve been passing the time on my commute by playing NES games on the 3DS’ virtual console. I say playing, but really mean “gnashing my teeth in controller-snapping rage” at how hard they are. But more on that in a future post when the red mist subsides.

I mention this so when I tell you that the Castle in the Darkness teaser is pushing all the same buttons you’ll know where I’m coming from.

A lot of games give themselves the “Metroidvania” and “retro NES experience” labels, but few actually live up to them. Castle in the Darkness, despite having graphics, gameplay and audio that would make a NES cry tears of pure envy, looks like it achieves the right look and feel nonetheless. And that’s coming from someone who spent the last evening wondering if setting fire to his 3DS would count as defeating Dracula in the original Castlevania.

It’s published by Nicalis (aye, developers of Night Sky and Cave Story, and bringers of VVVVVV to DS) so it’s automatically exciting, and due out this summer. There isn’t much summer left this year, so hopefully that means “soon”.

Castle in the Darkness Boss

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