Not Quite Game Music: Impostor Nostalgia

Impostor Nostalgia OST CoverIn itself, Impostor Nostalgia the soundtrack to a game. There is no Impostor Nostalgia game, no Impostor Nostalgia leaderboards or Impostor Nostalgia achievements. It is, however, a master class in 8-bit chiptune music by one of my favourite composers and featuring some true greats of the genre.

The début album of Big Giant Circles (aka Jimmy Hinson), Impostor Nostalgia features tracks by some of my favourite game music composers, bringing them together to create a joyous retro homage to games classic and modern.

Big Giant Circles, Souleye, zircon, Josh Whelchel, C418, any of these names could have a post to themselves – and most will before the year is out – and to have them all, and more, on a single album is a rare treat. You can stream and buy the whole album via Bandcamp. He’s asking $5 dollars for the album, which is just silly. Thankfully Bandcamp are not silly and let you throw as many monies as you like at him. Do so. Then buy everything else he’s ever created.

Even the names make me smile, which makes naming my favourite tracks even more fun. Chips Ahoy Mateys. Katana Blaster. Yo Ho Ye Big Giant Chips.

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