Game music: Journey

Journey OST CoverThis week we’re back on albums that are actually soundtracks to games instead of ‘inspired by’ games. However, this week’s soundtrack comes via a recommendation rather than my own experience. Being a PlayStation 3 exclusive I’ve never played it, but the soundtrack to Journey is beautiful and I’m grateful for the recommendation.

When I was pointed towards this soundtrack I was told it was a great one to code to, and @Rekabmot wasn’t wrong in that. From Austin Wintory, the artist behind the Monaco soundtrack, it’s gentle, relaxing and evokes wonderfully the melancholy of a long, lonely voyage. Like the game’s story and world the music evolves as it progresses. A journey in truth, both physical and spiritual.

In case the recommendation of two random developers wasn’t enough, Journey won BAFTAs for best audio and best music, and the soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy. Totally deserving.

[19 July 2013: Updated to use Bandcamp now it’s finally available]

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