Game Music: Gunpoint

Gunpoint OST CoverArmed with nothing but a pair of hypertrousers and a wry, sardonic sense of humour, this soundtrack sneaks into your house, hacks your stereo and downloads into your ears. Presenting… the music of Gunpoint.

I’ve been waiting eagerly for Gunpoint for ages, and then in the chaos of having offspring – building more pylons, spawning overlords and whatnot – its actual release passed me by. After a friend kindly showed me the error of my ways I’ve played the demo and a postful of witterings on trouser-based stealth is imminent. For now, of course I’m going to link to the soundtrack.

It’s noirish, melancholic and slightly cheeky, just like the game itself. Whether you’re infiltrating a secure facility or just writing about it, this is a lovely accompaniment. Although the music suits – even encourages – a slow, thoughtful style of play it goes just as well with a frenetic speedrun.

Dim the lights, put on your finest hypertrousers, turn up the volume, sit back and lose yourself in a sleeping city’s skyline.

Yeah, crosslink those trousers.

Yeah, crosslink those trousers.

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