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Dungeon Keeper for Android: Just… how?

Dungeon Keeper

After being voted the most hated company in America you’d think EA wouldn’t have any problem making a game about an evil tyrant building power, lording it over others, abusing minions and laying waste all who oppose them. But somehow they’ve managed to make their mobile release of Dungeon Keeper… bad. Really awful.
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Why I stopped playing BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite coverLet’s start by acknowledging that the latest entry in the series, BioShock Infinite, is a pretty game.  Really pretty.  Staggeringly pretty.  The use of colour and depth, the tiny details and the sweeping vistas, it’s one of the best looking games to come along in a long while.

So why, with such great graphics, and what by all accounts is a story and an ending worthy of discussion and dissection, did I stop playing after only an hour, well before reaching the game’s main hook?  Two reasons.

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Some musings on Limbo

LimboA friend bought me Limbo for Christmas and according to Steam I finished it in four hours.  For significantly more than four hours the game has sat in the back of my mind, refusing to settle, and I’m finally able to articulate why.

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