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When fanbases explode


Everyone knows that the Apple fanbase has a reputation for… let’s charitably say loyalty and enthusiasm. But if you want to see real fans, real evangelists, look no further than Bitcoin. Honestly, go watch them on Reddit.

Now, Apple users are no strangers to having things they like vanish from the App Store, fading from their phones like a distant memory. It’s rare however to see something be removed and face a real backlash but that’s just what happened here. The cause? Bitcoin of course. Apple removed the Blockchain.info app from the store, leaving users bereft and optionless.

“What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object?” the philosophers ask. We’ll maybe never know but it’s proving fun to watch the overlap of two rabid fanbases have collective hernias. I really hope this escalates because it will be hilarious.