Game music: Tower of Guns

The problem with working under a post buffer at least a month long and being too lazy to reorder things to make them more sensible is that when I post the soundtrack to a game I’m playing it makes much more sense at the time. Hence Tower of Guns which came out over a month ago but is still wonderfully fresh and new at the time of writing – game and soundtrack both.

Even if you don’t know anything about the game and just see the Bandcamp page, how could you fail to be charmed by the intro?

My Brother Joe made a game called Tower of Guns. He asked me to do the music for it. This is the music.

Remember the good old days of first person shooting? Tower of Guns does. Like Serious Sam Tower of Guns knows exactly it is and has a soundtrack that evokes that feeling nicely. Truly music to circle-strafe to. There’s a good mix of musical styles and influences in there – here a gothic reminder of Quake, there a pacy callback to Unreal, but always a sense of mystery and progression.

[And yes, I’ve finally decided to update the post format to match the rest of the site. If I find myself spectacularly bored one day I might go back and update the rest but I wouldn’t hold your breath. We established in the first paragraph I’m a very lazy man.]

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