Game Music: World of Goo

World of Goo OST CoverGoo! Lots of goo. A world of it in fact. And goo must have music, gooey music, musical goo. And here it is, the World Of Goo soundtrack.

I’m going to assume you’ve played World of Goo. Why wouldn’t you? It’s an amazing game available on about a trillion platforms, permanently on special offer somewhere and generally goes out of its way to throw itself in front of your attention. And since you’ve played it I’m going to assume you’ve heard the music and not played it in eerie silence.

But just in case you haven’t heard it, or forgot it, or just want it putting right here for your convenience, I’ve embedded it right here for your convenience:

The album manages the impressive feat of spanning a huge range of styles and genres – incorporating martial beats, mournful chorals, dark carnival waltzes, gleeful goo and industrial ambience – while always sticking to a recognisable coherent theme. Like the Human Revolution OST, you can join in at any point and be drawn right into the gooey world.

Standout track, for me, is #25, “Red Carpet Extend-o-matic”. Play along to that without a tapping foot and a wide smile, I dare you.

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