Game music: Shatter

Shatter OST CoverOK, this “regular feature” concept. Ongoing and at a somewhat fixed interval. Right, Wednesdays. Wednesday shall be music day. And this Wednesday I bring to you the music of the greatest incarnation of Breakout ever created: Shatter.

“A rich soundscape that flows through electro rock and retro beats, epic guitar solos and spacey vibes” sayeth the blurb, and who can disagree? I think it’s possible to listen to this soundtrack forever and not get bored. Also, how could you not like an album described as “80’s new wave, stadium rock and intergalactic space rock opera”?

I wrote my PhD thesis to this music, spent more hours than I care to count coding to it, and out of all the game soundtracks in my collection I can honestly say I’ve never found anything quite so good to work to. Relaxing, chilling and energising at the same time, it pushes and guides but never jars.

The game is awesome too, and you should play it right away. The music lends what would otherwise be a manically frenetic game an almost zenlike calm, somehow transforming fast-paced geometric Armageddon into a rather relaxing… erm… fast-paced geometric Armageddon.

Shatter screenshot

pew pew pew!

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