Picsie updated to Alpha 1.3

Picsie has a minor new feature – a little UI improvement to make it easier to load more than one window at once.

When you load an image or video with Picsie, it checks to see if any other Picsie windows are open.  If not, it opens in the middle of the screen.  If Picsie is already running, it opens wherever Windows puts it, so it doesn’t cover the previous window.

Alpha 1.3 (7 July 2010)

  • Installer (~75KB).  This will set up your file associations for you.
  • Standalone .exe (~200KB).  Use this if you already have Picsie installed and you just want the latest version.  Just drop it over the existing one.


Alpha 1.3 (7 July 2010)

  • New: If a new Picsie window is the only one loaded, it centres on the screen.  If a window already exists, it loads wherever Windows puts it.  This significantly helps with the layout and ease of use as you always know where the first one goes, and additional windows don’t appear directly over it

Alpha 1.2 (20 June 2010)

  • Fixed: Mute setting wasn’t remembered between videos
  • Fixed: Refuses to load files with extensions not in lower case (e.g. image.JPG)

Alpha 1.1 (15 June 2010)

  • Fixed a bug in the installer that stopped Start Menu icons being created in  Windows XP

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